Managing Privileged Access is Crucial to Preventing Data Breaches

Managing Privileged Access is Crucial to Preventing Data Breaches

Privileged access Management is an initiative that helps control access to organizational systems and applications across physical, virtual and cloud environments. This activity is the second level of Content Aware Management. Identity and access management (IAM) is an important aspect of managing information security. It is about maintaining an organization's information, spanning through multiple identities and establishing relationships with the aim of improving data systems security data, data accuracy and overall data consistency in an efficient manner. This management helps enhance business services, improves competence, effectiveness and permits for better governance and accountability.


Objectives of Any Business

The Core Objective of any business is the growth by adopting agile and flexible IT models, cost saving strategies, improved performance according to the standards, regulations, and audits, combating security threats. While some may consider that IAM is just another tool to add to the complex infrastructure; in fact, it aids in bringing these objectives into realization.

Why is IAM more Important now than Ever?

* Software as a Service Adoption (SAAS)

Most organizations expect to grow or maintain their usage of software which enables them cost effectiveness speedy work and service offering.

* Increase in Mobile Workforce

The Mobile Worker Population is expected to grow globally, and Tablet PCs will outgrow the Netbooks and Desktops. This makes placing effective authorizations for access even more important.

* Customer Confidence

Authentication is of prime importance for the customer when it comes to building trust as far as security is offered.

* Increasing Cyber Crimes

With the advent of technology and increasing tech inclined population, there has been a rise of identity frauds as well.

* Regulatory Pressures
An organization that regularly review and maintain themselves with the compliance standards and regulations, spend lesser when adopted the management software.

Key Challenges and Capabilities of IAM

* Protect Key Assets and Information

* Be Compliant

* Improve Efficiencies

* Support New Business Initiatives

IAM includes:

* Web Access Management

* Privileged User Management

* Virtualization Security

* Advanced Authentication

* Fraud Prevention

* Federation

It is imperative for organizations to closely examine how powerful privileged accounts are being monitored and controlled, to better protect highly sensitive information, against internal and external threats in any environment. With an effective privileged identity management framework, there is total accountability for insiders, the ability to audit and respond to suspicious activities, prevent recurrence of such incidence, while focusing on secure application development. Privileged Identity Management solution helps in mitigating all these challenges deeper by focusing on the privileged user environment within an organization.

Partnering with a good solution provider can empower IT to eliminate the risk of intentional, accidental and indirect misuse of privileges on desktops and servers, with globally proven solutions. These solutions increase security and compliance without impacting productivity. Privileged Identity Management solutions ensure the secure management, automatic change and monitoring of all activities related to privileged user accounts. It provides complete control to organizations in setting the right policies in place, thereby ensuring proper monitoring and management of privileged accounts and privileged activities.

Companies can better secure privileged accounts and identities by implementing proven processes, procedures and technologies to ensure adherence to the security policies that are in place. All these above services can be utilized by partners, customers, Mobile employees as well as internal employees.

Benefits of Cloud Access Management


The advent of cloud technologies has enabled simplified and secured access for business collaboration. It ensures that the right people have an access to right information at the right time.

Through portals, security systems, servers, applications, information, directories and operating systems accessible people are authenticated, authorized and reported.Management is done through a cloud based directory. It registers and manages employees, customer and partner identities by on demand service, with self service and with delegated administration. It enables single sign on enterprise and SAAS applications. Cloud based services synchronize on-premise identity or enable full identity lifecycle management. Thus, by using the cloud management tools, complexity is reduced by a single license vendor that supports the whole enterprise and also, overhead is reduced by reducing the tools. Integration improves role management, user profiling and access provisioning by ensuring system access is up to date.

These benefits could be achieved through capable IAM tools, since the underlying process and governance are extremely vital aspects of effective management.

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